#KALTBACH Refinement

The art of the Cheese refinement from first hand

Only through the unique interaction between man and nature are our masterpieces created. It takes a lot of patience, expertise, careful care and attention to detail. And the valuable knowledge about our refinement process is nowhere written down but, only passed on orally. Learn from the sympathetic Cavemaster Michu, what is important in the refinement and which KALTBACH Cheese is his favorite.



Not every Cheese is suitable for refinement in our sandstone Cave. Only the best Cheeses can create the KALTBACH masterpieces. The selection requires a lot of experience and instinct. Michu tells you what is so important.



Thanks to the natural moisture that the quartz stores in the rock, our sandstone Cave offers the perfect conditions for the Cheese refinement. The Cave is 15 meters below ground and has a constant temperature of 12.5 degrees throughout the year. Learn more about the unique climate of the KALTBACH Cave.



The Cheese refinement art is perfected in the KALTBACH Cave. During the ripening time, the Cheese is regularly checked, so that our Cavemasters can decide on the appropriate care of the different varieties. At peak times, up to 120,000 Cheese wheels are stored in the Cave.

Hoehlenmeister steht in der KALTBACH Hoehle


Good things take a while: A high-quality KALTBACH Le Gruyère AOP or KALTBACH Emmentaler AOP has a ripening time of 12 to 14 months. Before they are released and labeled, the Cavemasters review and try each Cheese loaf again. Michu has a lot of patience and admits what he does when he loses it anyway!



The sense of Cheese refinement can not be studied. You only get it through years of experience on site. How the refinement process works is nowhere written, but passed on from Cavemaster to Cavemaster. Here are some of their secrets.



Michu is still fascinated by the unique taste and the various nuances of the KALTBACH Cave-aged Cheese. He is particularly proud, when he succeeds in refining a Cheese exactly to his taste. What his taste is, he describes you best right himself.