Deep inside our sandstone cave, our KALTBACH Emmentaler matures into a real pleasure. Its luxurious quality can not only be tasted, but also seen. Its signature feature is its natural black-brown rind. This forms on the cheese like a patina during the cave-ageing process and gives it an unmistakable appearance. The inclusion of fine white crystals and water drops, known as «tears of joy», is a particularly special highlight for cheese-lovers.


Nut pesto

This quick-to-prepare pesto makes the ideal pairing for your cheese plate. The sweet notes contrast perfectly with mild and aromatic cheeses. Drizzle the pesto after use with walnut oil and make sure to store it in a sealed container in a cool place, to ensure freshness.


Swiss hard cheese, made from silo-free raw milk, with black-brown rind, specially cave-matured. 45% fat in dry matter.  Available as wheel at the deli counter.