KALTBACH Creamy & Tasty

Our irresistibly smooth masterpiece will allure you with its extra portion of the finest Swiss cream. The secret behind its extraordinary flavor is the exclusive recipe and careful selection of cheese wheels, which are allowed to mature into a true delight in our sandstone cave. And this is something you can simply taste: our KALTBACH Creamy & Tasty cheese is so soft and smooth that it practically melts in the mouth.


Zesty, fruity cheese salad with toasted baguette slices

An effortless-to-prepare meal that will delight your guests thanks to its high quality ingredients. Adapt the recipe to taste with seasonal salad ingredients and serve with homemade iced tea or a light white wine.


Semi-soft cheese from Switzerland, made with pasteurized cow’s milk, natural black-brown rind, cave-aged in Kaltbach. 56% fat in dry matter. Available as wheel at the deli counter.