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At KALTBACH we really like to spoil our cheese. In doing so, the unique flavours that makes our cheeses so special, have to unfold and truly deserve the KALTBACH seal. Discover the story behind the remarkable culinary delight and savoury taste of KALTBACH's cheeses, because when it comes to quality, a fine cheese is like a fine wine. The full flavour is only brought out by selecting the best cheese, refining it in the best climate conditions and giving it the right care.


KALTBACH Recommends

The Gourmet Pairing Guide

  • fruity

    Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP

    • Dark lager and wines that hit the sweet spot between fruitiness, acidity and sweetness (eg. Sauvignon Blanc) make equally good matches for this cheese.

    • Homemade lemonade enhanced with lemon balm leaves intensifies the savory taste of KALTBACH Le Gruyère AOP.

    • Unlock this cheese’s full potential by drizzling walnut oil onto the cracker first and then combining it  with black olives.

  • nutty

    KALTBACH Emmentaler AOP

    • Fruity wines with subtle acidity, such as a sweet Riesling or Pinot Gris make the perfect companions for this mild cheese. 

    • Combining the mild taste of KALTBACH Emmentaler AOP with cloudy apple juice brings out the flavours of this cheese brilliantly.

    • Honey, fresh chives and a cracker laden with KALTBACH Emmentaler AOP result in deliciously contrasting flavours.

  • intense &

    KALTBACH Extra Tasty

    • The subtle flavours of a Ruby or Tawny Port wine balance out this strong cheese perfectly.

    • By pairing this strong cheese with a naturally cloudy apple juice, you’ll get a perfect contrast with flavours complementing but never overwhelming each other. 

    • Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic glaze balance out the savoury flavours of the cheese perfectly.


French Onion Soup with Cheese Baguette

Soupe à l’oignon, once a humble dish for the poor, quickly became an international staple. Intensify the soup's flavour with a mixture of different onions, such as leeks and shallots – doing so will bring out the flavours of KALTBACH Le Gruyère AOP on toasted baguette even more. Bon appétit!


Gourmet meals


Our cheese taste equally great when enjoyed on their own, paired with wines, non-alcoholic drinkds or crackers, and as the main act in a gourmet dish. Get inspired with our selection of show-stopping recipes.


Emmi Kaltbach

How we produce


Award-winning cheese

KALTBACH quality is prize-winning: for example, at the World Cheese Awards. We are delighted that our cheese specialties also appeal on an international level and are repeatedly singled out for awards.

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Walter Burri, KALTBACH Cave Master


"The role of a cave master isn’t an official career. You become a cheese expert. The specific knowledge required for the production of cheese in a natural setting, like the particular characteristics and trials of the ripening process is passed on from cave master to cave master..."

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Cheese is my life. Walter Burri, KALTBACH Cave Master